Confused kid

A very old friend

It has been a while, I think a chat is due

So much has happened, there is a lot to tell you

A little taste of art, in a suspicious uncomfortable place

Then dejavu with the dialy swing of the pendulum, acceptance of time\'s marching embrace

A long throat, sticking the tongue out, hungry for fantasy taste


There was a knight, dragons, and a damsel

War rooms, angry mob, religion and a secret council

The era, opened the world to new ideas, leading to insight and clarity

War, bridges burned, castles erected, and a new government showing signs of prosperity

Although some religious sects, still battle for dominance and integrity 


Then there was romance, intense, a hot taste, like a kiss to the neck 

There was resonance, fire, in a stare, a will to destroy it all, and walkout the wreck

Explosions, darkness, fear and chaos, and finally, resistance 

Conquest, the king of men, looked Medusa in the eyes

A curse of stone, spell failed, as illusions clear and truth removes lies


Then lust, like the hunger of thirst, I grave for your embrace

Always sparking, wanting to go off, to have you, to have a taste

Clear the cold with the warmth of your soul, a beacon that sincerely brightened the day

As smaller dreams come true, filled with the thoughts, of fortune moving my way

So every kiss on your back was a love letter, with an invitation to stay


Old friend we have come a long way, remember the times your told me stories as a child

They were pure, I cherish them, with time I have grown to appreciate them as I\'m not as arrogant and proud

After I left your care, I had experiences, from here and there, the stories are bountiful so grab a chair

I always wonder, between us, who understands the other better, as your always here and care

Anyway Old friend let me tell you some stories, as since I met you, now, and then, I could always depend on my old friend \"My Pen\"