A healthy dose of invective flourishes at Highland Manor asylum

A healthy dose of invective flourishes at Highland Manor asylum

I hate to be curt,
but welcome to the monkey house
at 2 highland manor drive,
where all manner of imbeciles go berserk.

I and the missus
(thee unfortunate recipient
of poisonous blackened barbed wrath)
more often then not
remain squirreled away
in our one bedroom hovel
designated unit b44.

We desperately search for an alternative abode
ideally, a bucolic and idyllic new republic,
an intentional community
to escape living your worst -
fear thy neighbor episode
incessant hostile gruff fiendish excoriation
doth understandably incommode,
where mean mien residents offload
their offal rage against the machine
testing our mettle to become unbowed
to the breaking (tipping) point.

We notified the warden

that on November 11, 2023, a state trooper
came to our door to investigate theft of medication.

Someone accused the missus
of stealing (for the umpteenth time) said medication.

Other residents made unfounded assumptions
offtimes concerning her
pilfering possessions (a package)
that belonged to another tenant.

Jenny Fry (also known as thunder thighs)
comes to mind.

She (quite some years ago)
also summoned the police.

In either case the officer
politely investigated the complaint.

We suspect unnamed person(s)
who filed the false claim.

They identified a piece of discarded luggage
(the missus tossed out)
in the dumpster atop box of medication.

Afterwards Kay Tripp
(aka the liar and crybaby)
mouthed off at the missus
(for all the world to hear)
\"You little bitch!\"

I accompanied the missus
(she wanted to prove a point)
on another contrived errand to the car
(soon thereafter),
and heard Kay Tripp spout
another unpleasantry at both of us.


Momentarily taken aback,

I softly asked her why the hostility
unsure if she heard me.

No matter feeble attempt
to question hostile unsolicited feedback,
nevertheless yours truly (me)
all shook up in my blue suede shoes,
and hours later experiencing
anxiety in general
and irritable bowel syndrome in particular.

Impossible mission to comprehend
how gross insinuation
lobbed at the missus,
when nobody witnessed
alleged purloined medication.


As a result of unpleasant encounter

(with aforementioned resident
heretofore today and countless moons ago
at Highland Manor nsync with deputy),
I (we) feel extremely
agitated, exhausted, jarred, peeved,
and woke to awareness
that a conspiracy prevails
to bring about my (our) eviction.


Incidents such as iterated above

(false incrimination plus unwelcome visits
from strong arm of the law)
contribute to living here
(at 2 Highland Manor Drive)
emotionally quite uncomfortable, and unpleasant.


The latest verbal outbursts took place

today November 14th,
the first late morning
when Kay Tripp uttered
\"Matt\'s a good guy... bitch,\"
and the second incident
at approximately 12:30 p.m.

courtesy Maurita Morris
(aka the loud mouth drunk),
who spouted out
\"You should turn around you bitch!
leaving sh*t at somebody\'s door,\"
or something to that effect.


Just today (November 15th, 2023)

the same named tenant above shouted \"you\" -
meaning the missus -
\"smeared feces on the apartment door
where Dawn Anderson and her mother live.\"

The missus emphatically responded \"that\'s a lie!\"




Mister and Missus Harris (wonder if you could be available thursday 11/16) to listen as we share very unpleasant bullying, and we would not be surprised if alleged criminal finger pointing, (whether offal misdeed as the above and/or hostility voiced on frequent other occasions) nothing but hatred toward us totally trumped up as malicious fabricated bogus stories to get us ousted while shamed and humiliated in the process.