Accidental Poet

Remembering Your Face

Hold your family close

Tell them how you feel

Before it’s too late

Before their passing is real


I know my Dad and I

Shared many regrets

We both wanted to repair the past

Turn back the pages of neglect


On the day my father died

Driving to work that morning

Pulling into the parking lot

I got that phone call of mourning


He’d been sedated for a week

Christmas came and went

He was supposed to come home

In three days he would be sent


But he only had

Two more days left in him

Ninety-five years of life

Eternal is my respect for him


The day before he died

I’m glad I got to hold his hand

I said, “We’re not gonna say good-bye”

“But we’ll see you again”


So now I know

He’s with us everyday

And he knows we love him

Come rain, sunshine or come what may


So, hug your family

Make your peace today

Cause life happens all too quick

When tomorrow comes you can say


I’m glad we made our peace

Embraced again in grace

I’ll always love you

Remembering your face


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