Old maps





………Due to my mate’s hate, for what was, they still got that buzz, it’s merited because of the fuzz, since we was jive turkeys, don’t smirk please; here is a key so we can get up off our knees, in the land where we constantly sneeze, and it ain’t because of the trees, this smog got us catching too many zees, in the winter we freeze, what’s hanging gets smaller, we loosing these. Nuts we got ‘em, but they walking around swinging in each other’s face, it’s a disgrace, a civilization with no identity is a waste, we toe jam in their place. Hitting the reset button on some of y’all only means going back to freebase, but whatever the case, we better find balance as a group, or we’re going to see the true cost of being lost, old maps lead to dead places, close your eyes to see where you want to be, then make it.