They say you never remember the entirety of an experience 

Often, you only remember the moment where you experienced the most intense emotion

And the end. 

And right now it\'s this supposed end I\'m hung up on. 


Because I still see myself standing there in the bike racks of my school

It\'s almost winter and the sky is starting to turn this dusky grey

Everything hurts. 

Yet my jacket is open because I can\'t seem to feel anything at all. 


My bike stands lonely in the bike rack amidst hundreds of empty spots 

Looking about as abandoned by the world as I feel 

I am so empty. 

My mind just as battered and bruised as my body.


But I go through the motions to unlock my bike and ride away

Knowing I\'ll have to return the next morning 

That he\'ll be there.

That this was not the end, it was only the beginning.