Norman Flagtea

Guess which

Here are three poems by Ezra Pound, ChatGPT and Norman Flagtea. Which is which?



Beneath the aged oak, she sits in quiet grace,

A once young woman, lines etched on her face.

Her gaze lifts skyward, where memories soar,

A dance with time, a tale to explore.


In feathered ballet, a bird takes flight,

A silent witness to life\'s fleeting light.

Through weathered eyes, she glimpses the free

A reflection of youth in wings that flee.





The girl in the tea shop

          Is not so beautiful as she was.

The August has worn against her.

She does not get up the stairs so eagerly;

Yes, she also will turn middle-aged,

And the glow of youth that she spread about us

         As she brought us our muffins

Will be spread about us no longer.

         She also will turn middle-aged.





The demsel

flies as it will

and sleep comes

or doesn\'t come

but the morning is bright

the bread crusty

and the coffee hot

but don\'t you think

that everything is fine

because the demsel flies

as it will?