Gods hollow moon

<span;>Mothersspoon hollow moon sing song dance come follow soon
<span;> goldwaves and diggery dug I\'d burn my bones to shame someone
<span;>and Christlike Christian harmony
<span;>the hospitals the knife their sharpening
<span;>tell somebody what they made me do I torture me I\'ll hurt and torture you
<span;>the news ain\'t real theirs just this civil war brothers killing brothers is the norm
<span;> they poison all the drugs and tell you it\'s wrong to feel good
<span;>your pee is yellow your coming around real good
<span;> and I wanna end it all today
<span;>I wanna leave your rotten carnival with smile on my face
<span;>second place is not a place to chase
<span;>gold in color everything is new
<span;> saved my life for what you put me through
<span;>now I\'m here and  gone to soon
<span;>hollow moon puts silver on my burns
<span;> healed my worried mind in Satan\'s church
<span;> it\'s the only life I\'m ever gonna know
<span;>this cold world golden heavy load
<span;> this gold world cold and bury stone
<span;>third world wheres there really free
<span;>there\'s gotta be more to this place
<span;> then just the places that we see
<span;>I want a good place i made a good case
<span;>they say the water washes off your sin
<span;>but the man that bathes you barely tried to win grandmas dying around the clock poison smell it through my sock one of these days I\'m gonna get it right one of these days gods gonna see me shine wish to God I had paper for wine