In a mans eyes Written by Tiffany Arnold & John Wakanda Makuer


In a man’s eye everyone is against him;
In a man’s eye everyone wants him, but he’s often misunderstood!
In a man’s eyes he’s told to provide but he’s unattended to. 

A man is not suppose to share 
A man is not suppose to have feelings 
A man isn’t a “man” unless they make money or succeeding. 

He has to put everyone first
He is the alpha, the leader
In a man’s eye he has to be 
a mind reader!
A therapist!
Emotionless with no sign of weakness

“Inner beast storm to hush him! 
Don’t say a word 
You’re too aggressive
That’s unheard.
Don’t say that, only women can. 
Stop In your tracks your are not a man.  
“Really you feel that way?  that’s not frail of you 

What about men? Why don’t we care?”
Why do we ignore them?
How is that fair?
Men are taken advantage of
Men are abused in more ways than you think. 
A man wants to be loved, but can’t show it
Because it makes them “submissive”.
Men are misunderstood, they are the wrong ones in today’s society.
Men hurt 
Men are sensitive 
Men deserve to be catered to, 
Men deserve to be loved 
Men need someone to pray with
To grow with, to praise the gods above. 

Man is a teammate, in need of 
Someone to cry with, laugh with, hug with!
Help them get through,
Someone who can hold their heart 
And to attend their needs. 
He deserves that even though he’s flawed,
Because it takes the right women to help heal their scars