Sky Blue

The sky fades

And the deer draw close;

I feel numb,

But in a good way,

High as that Sky Blue


Don\'t count the sky as gray-

I will fight you on this;

The first star appears,

My guardian angel,

While my heartbeat slows.


Yes, sunsets are cool,

But have you ever watched the sky fade?

That high Sky Blue

To that low, low tune:

That fire burns for you.


Oh how I love you

Down by the green sea coast;

Watch the sky for me

As it\'s the same one I see;

Find that Sky Blue.


It must be a dream,

I can reach the sky-

And the sea,

But how I love that Sky Blue

Just because we are born to die.


The poet\'s pen parts

From the sky it sees:

That blue Sky Blue;

And she sits upon clouds,

Looking up and you and I.


That Sky Blue,

I love it as I love you;

Failure is impossible now,

Because I watch the sky fade

As your face lights up.


Now the stars converse,

Admiring from afar;

You hold my hand

As the sky grows dark-

My sweet blue as sweet as you.


The riptide in the rive

Tells me you love me;

The water reminds me of you

And that lovely Sky Blue-

I\'m clinging to the butterflies you give me.


The piano shouts its joy

And the radio is on blast-

Driving through the country side,

Watching that Sky Blue:

Take a piece of my sky.


The sky lightens

And although I will miss

My perfect Sky Blue,

I have you too.

I have you.