I Want To Be Able To Be.

I am transforming within a sphere called womb, it is a magical world where reality does not lie, and where in silence I seem to believe in a beating heart.

I am tied to an impatient cord full of life and empty of death, which is what feeds my imminent hunger.

Blood boils in the rivers that form within my crescents, under a skin that does not feel pain or pleasure.

Thick bonfires of flesh form me in vulnerable matter, and it seems to me that Im in need of caress and chatter.

In the shadows of my sphere I don\'t seem to believe that I am afraid of time, my only desire is to break the womb, and cry of happiness and pain before the power of the miracle called being born.

And I want to be able to see,

and to be able to smell,

and to be able to hear,

and to be able to touch,

and to be able to taste,

and to be able to laugh for love and to be able to cry for hate.


I want to be able,

to fall and undertake,

to win and lose,

to forgive and forget,                                           to believe and to feel,

to accept and remember to live and die.

be a human being, Is what I want to be able to be.