Womb Envy

Womb Envy


They are all

very different, you know that

don’t you, he said ..


What are,

wombs, he replied ..

Go on, get outa here ..


No honest,

it’s as true

as the sky is blue ..


Claire’s got

a heart shaped one

she told me herself ..


And Sues, is simply inverted

while our Jane’s is kinda keyhole

shaped, but then she’s perverted ..


Go on,

I’m intrigued now ..

Okay then, Jills is just perfect ..


Well what about

Angela and Emma’s

just between you and me ..


Angela’s is somewhat

spectacular and almost rectangular

while Emma, aint got one at all ..


Fancy that ..

No thanks, but I shall

no doubt look into it ..


So what about Jenny

she must keep her hand on her

ha’penny surely ..


Okay, so Jens is outstanding ..

What do you mean by that exactly ..

I mean it stands out a wee bit ..


Sod that for a game of soldiers,

I shall defo look into it,

how very interesting cheers bro ..