Creation Considerations

Tune: England\'s Lane

(\'For the beauty of the earth\')


Creation, Lord, you have made

All your works by you displayed

Land and sea and sky, each thing

You wisdom to it did bring

When you created them, so

We your glory through them know


Still today you do create

All things small and all things great

my we see in them your power

To sustain them every hour

And too humans, who in your

Image, likeness made for sure


Give us grace that we may share

In your works with love and care

Tend to others, help in need

Aid the poor, the hungry feed

Faithful as you us appoint

O\'er nature, so us anoint


Nothing is made without you

You who create all whole, true

And good news of salvation

Reaches unto each nation

Man born again, from above

By the Spirit, holy dove