GenXer Shamrocker ☘️


  Agnes has cooked up one of Asher’s favorite recipes! “Mom it smells delicious and I’m hungry.” Asher tells his mom what he’s overheard. Agnes asks one question; “how do you feel about her?” Asher has not liked women since the failure of relationship with Tracy. But he’s slowly starting to realize it just wasn’t meant to be. “She’s my best friend mom; we’ve known each other since we were children;” “as we grew older I admit for her I had some very strong feelings.” “But she had such of vision for the direction of where her life would go.” “I couldn’t stand between her and her dreams no matter how it pained me so.” “Mom; you once told me that as a man I’m never to control the woman I love.” “I’m to allow her to have her own mind and treat her with respect; like a blessing from above.” Agnes never realized how Asher paid attention. He was always fiddling with things; she didn’t know he listened. “I’ve always loved her but I’m sure she must be with someone.” “If that’s the case do you think she would be here my son?” “Dinner is ready!” Agnes calls to Arthur and Amethyst; Come back to see what happens next!