Muse Gong

Spontaneous Expression, by Muse Gong

Spontaneous Expression

by Muse Gong


Is there a magic bullet for poetry creation?

How to write eternal poems?

How to capture poetic inspiration?

How to express poetry like flowing water?

Answer: “Spontaneous Expression”.


Poets do not need inspiration from heaven,

do not pray for the value of words,

do not climb to the ethereal realm,

and do not pursue the perfection of form.


Expressing one\'s emotions is the motto of poetry creation,

daily trivialities cannot be avoided,

personal joys and sorrows are unparalleled,

and poets reflect on the various states of the world.


Exploring the value of daily life,

and capturing the shining colors around us is precisely the value and nature of poetry.

Everyone is born a poet,

with a spring of literary thoughts,

and a hundred poems inspired by drinking.


the poet vividly captures these insights on paper,

expresses them with emotions,

and speaks with an artistic language,

“Spontaneous Expression” .