Like the Forests miss the Rain

The poem Love and Light has been worded in a different syle and content.


Breath comes and breath goes,

somewhere fades a blooming rose,

dusk fades and the day yawns,

they have witnessed many aeons,

everything is changing around,

my sailboat has run aground.


So beautiful looked the future days,

awaiting happy sunsets with golden rays,

as the blowing wind carves the stones,

a chill quietly shudders the bones,

the rock stones get carved into shapes,

by flowing water through their gaps,

similarly, the mind has sculpted your figurine,

eroded by thoughts, an inspiration divine.


And I missed you not like deserts,

but like the forests miss the rain,

as they have to regenerate again,

like the glaciers miss the snow,

they have a precious gift to bestow,

like the mornings miss the dawn,

when colourful paintings are drawn,

Like a puzzle seeks its piece,

its problem may come to cease.


I look at the future eye-to-eye,

asking a simple question why,

In a unique way, I seek thee,

like the rivers seek the sea,

and the oceans seek the shore,

splashing their waves galore,

Like the insects seek the fire,

yielding to the enduring desire,

like the sunflowers follow the sunshine,

this heart now doesn’t seem mine.


I string a poem with beautiful words,

as an evening sky vibrant with birds,

you are like an inspiration the artists seek,

or else their art might turn bleak,

like bees collect nectar to make honey,

like a lender keeps counting his money,

for others the trees bear fruits,

nurturing them from their roots,

and clouds carry moisture on a long flight,

so that life is celebrated with great delight,

the earth sustains and entertains us all,

from the bigger organisms to the small.


How long would I miss asks my heart,

like a Chakor bird awaits the moon,

not this fortnight but he would be here soon,

a caravan traveller looks at the cloudless sky,

looking at signs for an oasis  nearby,

fauna in the grasslands stare at the dry lakebed

there\'ll be a time again when they’ll be well-fed.


Like the icicles vanish drop by drop,

we all will vanish in the end like a crop,

but we will remember the time we spent,

like essence seeks like seems a law at present,

If you ever part, part away with a smile,

the happy farewells keep the hope alive.