Quiet but loud 
A sinner a saint 
Take it slow, but it’s still a race. 
Cry but smile 
Love but be careful Because it’s not safe. 

I use to spend Everyday in a hurry 
Worrying about the wrong thing. 
After what I’ve been through 
I see how We can win. 
Work hard for the right reasons, 
Spend as much time as you can with your family 
And never forget how beautiful you are even if others say different. 

Be strong, be brave 
Remember it’s on you how you behave.
Don’t let others define your domaine,
It’s hard to love if you don’t let go 
And it’s hard to let go if you don’t stick with the flow. 
Learn and don’t miss opportunities 
Always stay aware,
And never forget that you should never compare.