Pat Malone


Priceless bones beneath the soil, have their fate gnarled into fuel that man will forever toil
The whizzing wind culminates in responsive loneliness or abundance we feel, the vast wild around, down my body sends a chill.
Chirping birds whirr calmness and a sense of belonging, but the surrounding emptiness gives longing.
Fear whispers \"In the night will emerge a beast\", optimism says worry less tonight we shall feast.
Gloating skies flash blinding light but need the trees, to survive in this cold I\'ll have to be on my knees
Greens dance to nature\'s folky tunes, no cover is needed when you are on sandy dunes
Nowhere is safe for everywhere crawls malificence, even the darkest places have a minute magnificence.
From this bright or dull area, your mind erupts ideas with glee, who knew a bird was man\'s muse for him to flee?
Weary souls are inspired by what they see, nature\'s beauty catalyzes their notion of how life should be. I can tell the time of day from my silhouette, the splatter of the rain will sing me a lullaby, and in it, I\'ll pirouette.