Thomas W Case

Fuck all the King\'s Horses And All The King\'s Men

Yeah, so what I was sitting
on the wall.
It was mine, and a great
wall it was.
Peasants walked by
and envied my crevasse,
they mistook it for a
belt, I had to constantly
correct them.
I got in such a squabble
with one of the villagers,
I leaned forward to give
him the what for, and
I\'ll be damned if I didn\'t
tumble off and smash into
thousands of pieces.
Because I\'m so important,
the Kings men and beasts were
quickly dispatched, and
the incompetent fools could
not fix me.
So I lie here, yolk and shell
everywhere, yet I continue to
think and reason, no heaven,
no hell.  This wretched life
continues, I watch the scum
walk through me, I hear their
uneducated banter and it
infuriates me...
I\'ve read all the great philosophers,
yet; nothing has prepared me for this.
And what the hell does, \"pride goeth
before the fall.\" mean anyway.