Worldly Worship?

Tune: Mannheim

(\'Lead us, heavenly Father, lead us\')

Matthew 4 v.8-11


In temptation, the devil took

Jesus up mount, made Him look

It an exceeding high mountain

He was able to see then

All the kingdoms of the world known

And the glory of them shown


The devil said to Him, All these

I will give, if you appease

If you will fall down before me

And worship me, then, I, see

Shall give you them all, this one thing

Do, and I shall each you bring


Then said Jesus to Him, Get you

Hence, Satan, although I view

All this, it is written, You shall

Worship the Lord your God, tell

The Scriptures, and Him only shall

You serve, you too know this well


Then the devil left Him, behold

Angels came to help, \'tis told

To minister to Him, for sure

Season of temptation o\'er

Help us, Lord, not earthly glory

Seek, but your kingdom e\'ermore


Strengthened, sustained, and supported

By the Spirit you were led

Into wilderness forty days

And forty nights, that your stay

Guide us through this world\'s wilderness

To worship you, you confess