Speech Sentinel

Tune: Stuttgart

(\'Earth has many a noble city\')

Psalm 141 v.1-5


Lord, make haste, unto you I cry

Give ear to me, and draw nigh

Hear my voice, let my prayer be set

Before you, me not forget


Let it be as incense to you

Fragrant offering and true

May hands lifted to you suffice

As the evening sacrifice


O Lord, before my mouth set guard

That there no things bitter, hard

Proceed from there, door of my lips

Keep, so no tongue\'s sinful slips


Let not my heart incline unto

Evil, but things that please you

That I not wickedness practise

With those whose hearts [are] set to this


Let the righteous smite me, it shall

Be a kindness, do me well

As an excellent oil, it shall

Not injure me, I shall tell


For yet my prayer shall be in their

Troubles, I with them shall share

Not be vengeful, unforgiving

But support them in each thing