How can I compromise 

So much on the go.

Tangled by confusion 

The lines won\'t even flow!

I am weak

He is strong, 

So to him

I\'ll sing my song.

I\'ll ask for forgiveness 

For the things I cannot do. 

For strength and wisdom 

To guide me through. 

To make a way for me 

When all could be lost.

To stay in my position 

Not counting any loss. 

For you are my provider 

You set me apon a rock. 

There can be no compromise 

For you are my lot.

Although I may struggle 

You always make a way.

Then in the cool

Give me plans

For the new day.

How I love to praise you 

I\'ll tell it to the world!

Your my Lord and Saviour

I hang on every word. 

Because you are the King 

God\'s only begotten son. 

In you is the victory 

And joy I will become.