Sure Seeking

Tune: St Clement

(\'The day thou gavest, Lord, is ended\')

Psalm 27 v.7-11


Hear me, O Lord, when I cry with my

Voice, have mercy on me, draw nigh

And hear and answer, this be my plea

I make requests to you humbly


When you said, Seek you my face, my heart

Said unto you, I do my part

Your face, Lord, will I seek, hide not your

Face far from me, but reveal sure


And turn me not away in anger

I pray your mercies to me stir

You have been my help, Lord, leave me not

With you comfort shall be my lot


Neither forsake me, O God of my

Salvation, e\'en if by and by

Others may forsake me, but not you

Teach me your way, Lord, plain and true