Lost diamond

is it a search or an expedition?

lying idle or loitering around


Many pass including those sea diving

resting untouched in the seabed

her rust rust all


O it\'s found

found in Keta

And Keta is resting

her rest rest us


bring your apron

bring your vest

pull the curtain

do them best


in and around, trees transpire

as waters breeze

on and on, keeps us apart

and we lose sight


of the bedding and the beach

of sea erosion, rises and retreats


only fishes in this young ocean

and pirates of the old sea

know the unsocial hours


young like the day

late like the afternoon

Keta will wake you

to take a simple interest


bring hospital

take hospitality

wear the shoe to none sense

and dance none sensical


as the lines draw margins at her coast

like a drop in my cup

see, buckets run over


lying at the tip

and below is the iceberg