Thomas W Case

The Best Medicine

Some say,
laughter is the
best medicine.
While I have
found that to
be true, it\'s
become so
An axiom I now
live by is that
mushrooms are
the best medicine.
Perception\'s door opens
wide, and my jaw aches
with laughter.
I can taste blue and
green, and hear
tulips sing lovely
ballads for the
squirrels that have
forgotten where they
buried their nuts.
I train my poems like
circus bears.
They rarely maul me.
And, just between
you and me,
The Birth of
Venus painting that
hangs above my
writing desk vibrates and
pulsates like the
Gulf of Mexico.
That red headed
temptress dances
seductively, long into
the night.
And now,
my kittens think
it\'s funny to
meow backwards.