Prophecy Proclaimed

Tune: Est Ist En Ros / St Germanus

(\'A great and mighty wonder\')

Luke 1 v.76-79 (part of the \'Benedictus\')


John Baptist\'s father he did

Prophesy, it not hid

Zacharias at John\'s birth

Did speak, tell forth his worth

John would be called prophet

Of the Highest, not forget

Would speak of the Lord yet


For John would before Him go

To prepare His way, show

The people of His coming

Salvation He would bring

Joh would them knowledge give

And so knowing, they would live

And to God praises give


This knowledge by forgiveness

Of sins, it true be this

Thruugh the tender mercy, see

Of our God it sure be

Whereby the Dayspring here

Messiah, the Dawn appears

Unto mankind He nears


He gives light to them that sit

In darkness, sight is lit

And to those under shadow

Of death, who dark night know

He guides our feet into

The way of peace now anew

That reaches e\'en to you