Life is like politics

When it goes against you

It has gone for the other


Its like being in court

When you are acquitted and discharged

The other is accused and implicated


More so, like in the hospital

When you are discharged

Somebody is admitted

Either admitted in bed

Or admitted in dead



Its like a debate

When you are seriously for the motion

Another contest angrily with a notion


It is like teaching

Either you teach to confuse

Or you teach to refute



It is like the ladder

When you are standing up, up

Another is standing down, below


 Life, is life,

And so it is like

Being in labour

Either you push with tears

Or you keep your fears


life is like farming

As you are harvesting

Another is sowing



Its like boxing

Sometimes you hit

Another time you are being hit


Life is like life

When you have breath

somebody has nothing not even bread


This is life

Life is encouragement

So look somebody in the eye

Hold their hands and tell them

In any spectrum you find yourself

Just appreciate it anyway anyhow

And live