I hear a song without a verse

tenor is heard

bass is lost

alto at first

but nothing ahave got


our curtains go rent

kids and women skinned alive

attacks upon attacks, another bow is bent

the vulnerable, the vulnerable just need to survive


if there is a future, protect it

if there is a present, lets see it

if there is a past, bury it


O a song is missing a singer

feet are ready; no grounds under-feet

to dance kpalongo or salsa

or souls to take a chance

but who knows whenever


kids are maimed

pregnant women ripped open

for the sins committed by another

we pour on the weak our anger

and weaker still we get


into the future a bomb is sent

and a missile is seen a messenger

humans don\'t repent

they just experiment the whatever


weapons come on a scout

kill the strong, kill the able,

do away with the carer


My heart !!


leave the old, leave the new; what an era


never !!

have wars been a solution

not yesterday nor today

not a day before nor a day after


if mouths can\'t, don\'t try a hand

if dialogue won\'t, don\'t send a band

never war throu what can\'t be walked throu