Epiphany Enlightenings

Tune: St Edmund

(\'Songs of thankfulness and praise\')

Matthew 2 v.6


Town of Bethlehem, you be

In the land of Judah, see

You are not the least among

The towns, let praise be sung

For from you shall come one who

Shall govern and rule, \'tis true

Rule God\'s people Israel

And o\'er all nations, we tell


At your glad Epiphany

Lord reveal, even to me

Yourself, so may we you know

In what to us you do show

Light of the world shining bright

Dawn now on our human sight

Forgive sins, darkness be gone

Through Christ Jesus, God\'s own Son


Light and love and fellowship

United in whole worship

May we be, and follow you

And your clear way may we view

Lord of Jews and Gentiles too

Salvation to not a few

Woerthy of our highest praise

Melodies to you we raise