block buster

imagine it hitting you hard


shutting you with nothing to be said


mental health in men

a secret omen

doing her evil secrets open


society calls gender

thou art son of a man

don’t be soft and tender


O men, we have an enemy

our enemy is society and customs

instructing me to be hard,not cry

and men cannot even ask why


men know their lengths and breadths

men have their wits

mental health is persoanilty weaknesses

men don’t ask for help

I laugh, these are all deceiving myths



men are dying

men are going mental


men are trying

to comply with norms and behave normal


mental health can just knockout

and explode

21 century; men need frequent check ups

women seek help and attention

men keep theirs in suppression

and its deadly


men, be men

speak thy feelings

and never hide thy emotions

and if worried?

seek help, take some wine

before depression and suicide

talk to someone or call 9-9-9

If you are available, help is available