Thomas W Case

Love, Dad

When I think of my kids now,
I so much want to say things
that I know I won\'t,
like, please for your protection,
try not to feel too much.
If you can\'t help it,
you may find that
life comes at you like
a left hook...a broken doll,
a rotten tooth.
I\'m sorry I failed you,
I would trade it all,
everything I own or ever
could possess, for your smiles,
and deep true laughter.
May you never know brutality
or ferocious things.
I\'d rather you get
dog bit than hope and
feel heart sickness.
Find someone who holds
you tight and
doesn\'t let go.
The woods do in a pinch,
but they can\'t touch
you with flesh wrapped
bones that cherish your hearts.

My poor kids,
your crazy father loved you the
best he could.
Don\'t ever let anyone
kill your light;
always hold on;
there is beauty in the ride,
often too much.
You might feel like
a stranger or an alien,
it\'s supposed to be like that.
Often it feels like
a lump in your
throat that won\'t go down.

Wear sunglasses, they
help with the glare...the sharpness,
and remember,
some flowers are edible.