Losing your mojo along with your mind 

Deprived of the freedom required to find 

The qualities found in that one of a kind 

Who sees you for just who you are 


Contacts forged during night disappear in the day 

Awkward fumbles becoming a roll in the hay 

Time won\'t stop it\'s yourself who is slipping away 

From showing who you really are 


Hidden talent you try hard to bury alive 

With the shit you sift through every day to survive 

Thinks he owns you so gives all around a high five 

Swearing they can all see who you are 


Once so deadly whenever you\'d shoot from the hip

Walking over the eggshells with buttoned down lip 

Order doctors to take your last dream off the drip 

Just in case they find out who you are 


Something\'s changing there\'s steel in your icy cool stare 

Broken promises made to yourself need repair 

You have so much to offer this world when you share 

And let us all see who you are