I am the wind

I am the north wind ,

that shapes strong soul

will given to the body ...

I am the east wind ,

on the great plain 

carrying  the echo

of wandering tribes...

I am the west wind ,

whispering to ocean tears ,

evoking the legends 

of ghost ships ...

I am the south wind ,

exalting the glory of empires

and the setting of volcanoes ...

I am the wind ! 

Friend of Poseidon ,the proud ,

old Saturn ,your servant  ! 

Carrying  within me 

the words of tornadoes ,

defying  summit  rock ,

mocking human curses !

I deposit rain in hearts  

and seeds in Demeter\'s womb...

 Brutal  and purifying blizzard,

   rough  polarity ! 

Ancient gods refusing  uniqueness,

  I am the  faithful messenger ...

To arrogant cesars ,my anger 

inspiring  humility ,

in my kingdom of  heights ,

  breath  of spirit ...

Nocturnal squall ,

that frightens the child ,

soft morning breeze,

awakening  amorous senses.....

Seer of time directions ,

all feeling my kiss ,

shivering at my bite ,

no one can seize me ...

 I am the wind  !