Century 100th post

Love me don\'t shove me

Kiss me don\'t miss me

Show me don\'t throw me

See me once more 

Take me don\'t break me 

Please me don\'t tease me

Hold me don\'t fold me 

See me once more 


He started his one fingered type 

His goal to fill creations pipe 

And grab the world of writing by the throat 

A crazy overactive brain 

Transparent as a window pane 

His gloss may need at least one other coat 


A tip toed tour of cyber land

A friendly electronic hand 

Un tensed this stretched elastic band 

You don\'t know what you did 


Right me don\'t fight me 

Feel me don\'t peel me 

Bed me don\'t wed me 

See me once more 

Charm me don\'t harm me 

Meet me don\'t beat me 

Touch me don\'t crutch me 

C note five score