Introverted Sage


You could say I\'m living my own personal hell.
All the secrets to keep - this is the last one I\'d tell.
The way that I feel is near close disdain.
And on my soul, I fear it\'s left a forever stain.
The joys here most times can\'t seem to quell this pain.
Yet I remain.
Lessons must need to be ingrained.
In my labyrinth of a brain.
Hold me close - before going insane.
This life getting harder and harder to maintain.
Assimilate - and I\'ll do the same.

Bulldozed right through this life.
This hell doesn\'t come close - to those times I was almost a wife.
That\'s why I always keep close a knife.
I\'ll cut your cord before I get tried twice.
That\'s me being nice.
Could have been reading your rights.
So I\'ll hold on tight - to what gets me through the night.
Let the truth be told, we gon\' be alright.
Gave me a scare caused me a fright.
Giving another access to my light.

~Ruby L.S.~