As I pass him by with eyes that look like yours ,and I sit next to her with a smile that slants like yours ,similarities guiding me to clarity , and waking me to universal secrets I swore I’d never tell ,breaking out if this rebel , because no one can win against love …transformations happening not even in the glimpse of my eye,but hitting me like I’ve been here before saying hey love don’t you remember me , how could I ever forget , with transformation you are the embodiment of almost every soul that comes along , floating along this stream I find more than just the treasures of life,  as we reunite , as I row this boat dreaming of the day we will not be separated by your mistakes and my short comings,  life is but a twinkle when your aren’t present but when evoked you give focus to the unseen , as I pass strangers by with eyes that look like yours , and smiles that slant like yours , I steal a kiss because just maybe it really is just a simple truth it is really you!