Yards Away

shouting from the mountain-top

tidings of finding a lover


stolen looks arouses emotions

and emotions make an offer


reaching a mutual deal

and this deal is to reach a seal


the joy of lifting veils

is like treasured rubies found

with passion growing to the nails

finally, love is here abound


bride is silver

groom is gold


secrets open

privacies become bare


giants are woken

and cowards can now dare


as thickness slims down

love dies unnoticeable


and the knee takes over the crown

cos the deserving cannot humble


those heavy vows are left unkept

respect begins to erode

with lovers ever ready to explode

only waiting \'\' a get set\'\'


all o sudden laughing faces turn red

and insults are taken as one\'s daily bread


hatred grown

can ruin lives and destinies

and farther apart everyone draws


little is known

lovers can be enemies

and turn beast with claws


deadly claws that scratch

only twenty yards away


the love that asked how?

soon shall ask why?

and the lover that said now

later has no shy


to argue shoulder to shoulder

as lovers fall many yards away