Danny Rhym


The day

The pecker came astray

Pushed him away

Into the dungeon

Full of oblivion


Inside the dungeon

In crippling pain

Pestilence flickering

His body blistering

Like a curse

From the Oracle Universe


Nights were sleepless

The heat seemless

His mind now hopeless

His heart faithless

His soul powerless

The brawl so heartless

Leaving his mouth voiceless


Inside the dungeon

The dark ruthless dungeon

He would hear

Voices so clear

Instilling him fear

Crickets, rodents all sneer

Heartless imprudents would jeer


The first night

Came the first fight

The pecker with his first bite

Left him restless

Weak and pointless

Notwithstanding the brutal torture

Like a laxa by a poacher