Natalie Heisey

Cold light

I see all the shadows that are cast, as I try to release my trapped soul, A battle fought, to feel complete and whole.

Within my darkness, a weakness scrolls, my strength that silently hides, will help me reach all my goals.

I face my demons that whisper and taunt, In the depths of my being, I do respond, I confront.Through tears and struggles, I\'ll find my way, with Accepting the darkness, turning to only gray.

Releasing my pain that still remains,As my journey is a quest to erase all the strains. For within the depths, a flicker of light, Resilience shines through my darkest nights. 

I\'ll nurture that spark, back to life, Ignite my way with banishing and fight. One day, my light won\'t be so cold I\'ll embrace the warmth,an keep it emerging steady and  strong.