Strangers and other lovers

Why am i here
Chasing sin as a sinner
Fear and excitement in equal measure
A large whiskey on the table
Time ticks fast then slow
Dependent on what my thoughts are
For the right feelings at the wrong time
Which for me is always the point
Right and wrong are intertwined
Things I\'ve lost and found
Are always at intervening times


Still I am here
Glasses piling up on the table
I\'m here but somewhere else
As a fruit machine flashes its lights
Believe me, flashing lights are a distraction
As she is not here
Another stares in gaps of conversation
Places run as places do, backward
Places with poisoned chalices
Or maybe just poisoned glasses
and faith falls as ever it does


I\'m falling in then out again
Reading between the lines
But the lines here are blurred
As I am
More conversations around a table
Where crosstalk is the norm
Of strangers and lovers
Who in turn become strangers
As strangers become lovers
Darkness becomes another lover