Gologotha Gathering

Tune: Passion Chorale

(\'O sacred head, sore wounded\')

John 19 v.17-30 parts


At Golgotha crucified

Our Saviour bled and died

Place of a skull the land formed

Darkness in day o\'erstormed*

Two others with Him, they too

Crucified, people view

Title on Jesus\' cross read

These be the words it said


\'Jesus of Nazareth, He

The King of the Jews be\'

Then His clothes they did share out

And seamless coat, no doubt

Thus more Scriptures were fulfilled

The Prince of Life they killed

Women stood by there weeping

Vigil faithful keeping


Jesus committed to care

Of John His mother there

Mary took him as her son

As the cross-work was done

Jesus said, \'I am thirsty\'

One gave Him drink, so be

Though it was a bitter wine

For Him, human, divine


When He it then had taken

A cry He then maken** (**made)

Said, \'It is finished\', bowed head

In moment He was dead

Yet it a cry of victory

O\'er evil\'s powers be

For soon came resurrection

Hope for every nation


* Darkness over the land from 12 noon to 3pm - 

a rain-storm?