Introverted Sage


I miss listening.
Waiting for clues.
Whispers of news.
Long past over due.
Said I’m done playing their fool.
And by their self serving rules.
Not much left for me and you.
When we’re busy living
Just to prove.
That we’re worthy
Of basic human decency.
I’m tired of seeing these scenes on TV.
Robotic parrots all screaming the same things.
When no one really sees the discourse that it brings.
And the minds that it leads.

I can’t close my eyes to these lies.
As I hear the people\'s cries.
Salvation so easily denied.
Because it’s easier to deny then try
To fix this fucking circus.

Rape us and take from us.
Stroking our fears
But your lives are made by us.
What do we get in return?
Balance the scales
Don’t have time for those tales
What goes up must come back…

Yea, you know the rest
And it’s about time I get this
All off my chest.
Fighting and screaming
Til I don’t have much left.
And there you are -
Lights, camera, action
Some sort of so called star.

But you don’t light up the night.
Most times - not so bright.
Stop and look around
It’s yourself you continue to fight.
But it’s alright.
Got me here
To shine a little light
On this fucked up thing we call life.
These chains cut like butter
With the dullest knife.
Cause the shit they’re doing
Ain’t right.

Got people robbing me.
Living in poverty.
And it’s probably
Because we’re ingrained to
Worship false idols.
Nothing new under the Sun.
And I’ve only just begun
To unravel this trickery
That they’ve spun.
So delicately around our heads
As we were fast asleep in our beds.
Compounding more for us
To wake up and dread.
Tranced minds are much easier
To be led.
Just listen to
What’s not being said.

More money for war
As more homeless and refugees
Are dropped at their doors
And they still lie
About what they’re even fighting for.
But sign up your kids.
Follow suit.
Lace up your boots.
It’s what your parents did.
While others cut corners
And hid.

Babies sent to war
And returned burned.
What did they learn?
The world is a cold place
When you play by those rules.
So easy to subdue.
Pretty soon we’ll have newborns in school
Backpacks full of drool.
Abused by more parroting fools.
Or the lost ones
Shooting up the schools.
With nothing to lose.

But more money for war.
It’s not your children
We’re fighting for.
Got these greedy pigs at the top
Just gotta have more
And feed the demon. Sure,
I read the lore.
That means I also know
What’s in store.

From all the bricks.
Picking up my sticks.
Barely on my feet
And you keep taking more licks.
Your gluttony
Makes me sick.
And I’m okay with justice
Being swift.
Walls fall and truths lift.
No more pleading the fifth.
We’ll read your rights
While we read your heart.

Heart vs. feather
You read the script.
You thought it changed
Cause you gone and done a few
Magic tricks.
Call that dumb as dicks.
Silly pricks.
When I done wrong
I got my ass whipped
With a switch.
What do you think
Your creator will pick?
As the devil’s dogs
Lick their lips.
I came here to sink ships.

Won’t drop names
That’s not my game.
Just know one way
You’ll have your fame.
Thought I was alone.
More than 2 can play that game.
Take a step back.
Let me show you
How I came.