David Wakeling

Giving Up the Fight

At some unsaintly hour after midnight,
Even before the morning light,
Had a chance to Interrupt this weary world,
I walked to the hill down near the old Willow Tree.

It was dark except for a street light shining,
I stared for awhile at the grass intertwining,
I decided to tell God a few things that were on my mind,
And I began with an Apology.

I am sorry, dear Lord for my anger and consternation,
But this Life has often been filled with frustration,
Questions as deep as “Who cares?”
Or “Why do we suffer” or “Where is the Love?”

I screamed in the dark to a black cloudless sky,
But no answers came, just a white parrot flew by,
It was squawking louder than an x-wife,
And I wondered if it was a sign from above.

I laughed at the antics of that silly bird,
Flying at night and trying to be heard,
We were similar in many ways,
Lost and alone in the dead of the night.

I walked back to my preposterous life,
It was still filled with toil and strife,
But from time to time I think of that lost parrot.
And smile, the smile of a man to content to fight.