Dark Days

Many go arrested 

Others re-arrested 


An unknown algorithm 

working our fate


 suspect at first sight

Such a bitterness of a long night


They say “from above”


History is unbalanced 

Liability exceeds assets

And are seen as inherent debt

Carriers of Inherent threat 

And sadly remains same


Justice for all

It’s only a mind game


Some are rightful plaintiffs, 

Minors, and eternal defendants


The mathematical biase of humanity 

and false negatives of history 

Praising inequalities of the past

And technology is helping this so fast

Lamenting the differences of everyday 


 a moral responsibility on call

If not legal

Some still have the mirror of bias 

Where plane mirrors look convex

And subjects treated out of context


Justice is blind, once told

Today justice gets bold

Shouting “I want to see”


Yesterday is night, 

Now it’s getting nighter

What holds Tomorrow?