Worthy Chloe

Worthy Chloe

on this journey of love
only men travel
women don\'t

o worthy Chloe
you ended my search
and halted my pilgrimage

it was your shadow
then your soul
and your beauty as a whole

behind those fabrics of wool
was your charmin\' presence
so captivating

I remember 
how your skin tone stained the atmosphere
and took a reflection in my cornea
your picture rested on my iris
and cast her shadow on my fovea

your sparkling eyes like crystal
red lips like ketchup
seductive perfumes
and associated gravitas

pulled all of me withal
and I came summed up
I tried to stay composed but was consumed
and I knew I was losing my sanity

hide me in thy pagoda 
where there is shelter 
ease my pain, my fears and many regrets
your beauty outruns my pride
blocks my escape
and takes me to a carpeted pampa

my strength was futile
all of me febrile
to thy works facile

your unfamiliar features
these dark and dancing eyes
keeping watch over me, Chloe