Echos of longing

In the quiet shadows of the night,

Where dreams dance in soft moonlight,

A love untold, a tale profound,

In whispered sighs, its echoes resound.


In the garden of my heart, it blooms,

A flower rare, amidst life\'s glooms,

Yet its petals elude my grasp,

Like fleeting dreams in moments passed.


Through the mist of time, I search in vain,

For the love that dances like gentle rain,

But fate\'s cruel hand, it keeps us apart,

A silent ache within my heart.


Though I may never hold your hand,

Or feel your touch upon the sand,

In the chambers of my soul, you\'ll stay,

A love eternal, come what may.


So let the stars bear witness true,

To a love that couldn\'t quite break through,

For in the realm of dreams, we\'ll meet,

And there, my love, our souls will greet.