Why won\'t you leave? Like ants crawling under my skin. I can\'t get you out of my head. Please go away. You creep inside at the most random times and I\'m so tired of feeling your presence. You\'re not welcome here anymore. Pushing it away like nothing even happened, but you have this way of drawing me back. I would blame you for the situations I find myself in, but you\'re just another ghost. It\'s my fault for believing I could fix you when I couldn\'t even fix myself. You never wanted my help, not really. You just wanted someone to validate your  innocence. You\'re not innocent though are you? This image of a sad little girl broken by the world, but you\'re the one doing it. There\'s a fire in your eyes that I could never comprehend and I cried as I watched you burn everything to the ground. You laughed at the chaos you caused, trying to hide how you truly felt. But I could see the sorrow as tears streamed down your face. The image ingrained in my mind of the girl I couldn\'t save.