Petrichor of Love

Farewell! My Love!

When I first met you, I was thine,

bound by love that was mellowed and sweet

yet, as always, my fate was to intervene

For us, my Love, our end in a parting meet.

As if it was decreed that we were to part

over the million flinders of my heart.


You were more than what I could ever give;

you are priceless, untamed by mortal hands

and to cage such soul that love won\'t forgive

nor shall bind the time\'s shifting sands. 

In our dreams what we wanted to live

my fate destroyed them, sitting in the stand.


Your soul flies where eagles dare not glide

seeking what lies beyond the sky.

So I, with a broken heart, must step aside

though I love you (it shall never die).

To have you, would be the worst of crimes

for you aren\'t a prize of what love defines. 


Our tale was carved with the stars above

but even they fade when morn awakes,

and so does our tale of unfulfilled love

whose end the sun gently breaks.

Hence fare thee well to you, my muse,

to a love that never learnt to lose.