Introverted Sage

Slow Climb

Detract, deny, deflect
So that I won\'t have any regrets

Said to be heaven sent
Into the forest my mind has went

The dichotomy of the situation
Reflections while on vacation
Removing this crippling stagnation
Signs sending up pure elations

One stop and put a hold on me
Mind plays tricks
Makes it harder to see
Said, this was sent to make me feel free
Can\'t help but think it\'s a gift from the enemy

Push it away and out of my mind
Yet that voice plays on like a sign of the times
Memories of the past have haunted my rhymes
Narrowly walking on this fine line

Going deep I found a lotus
Molding me into what beholds us
Clear my thoughts - regain some focus
Silence now to find the token

Take me away upon the breeze
Branch by branch growing these leaves
Why hold my breath when I could breathe
Golden hour shown through the trees

Raised the stakes needing a pause
Ridding myself of these false laws
Of who I\'ve been and what I was
Up the ladder prong by prong