Sea of love :)

I look at you and my anger rages, like an ocean, a wast sea of wasted feelings and precious time. Hurt by the things you say and do to me, and the things you don't think i hear, or you don't think i'll find out. They always find their way back to me, As the gaps and oceans between us grow wider, vaster, and deeper . As words get between us until neither of us kto do but turn around and look the other way. telling lies to let the other one know who's not hurt the most, when really all it does is tear me up inside. My empty now what to say, and nothings left\heart is screaming, fighting againts the currents of love and hate. pulling awat from each other like the moon and the sun. As we grow further apart, I want to talk, to try and work things out, and repair the rift that keeps growing, but words get in the way.

By: The lovely Shauna Tache