My Cousin Luke

To my cousin Luke

The cousin I never got to know

My cousin who left this world as a baby

There are things I want to say

Though you have parted from this world

I know I can communicate this to you


There are so many parts of this world

The good and the bad

I wish you could have experienced the good

The good that makes this world a world of God

But I know you are in heaven now

Walking with God

Watching over the family

Watching over your mother and father

Who loved you very much

Watching over your brothers and sisters

Who too loved you very much

And still love you very much


I wish I could have gotten to know you

I would have had another older cousin

To have family love for me

In which I would have returned the love

You died when I was in my mothers’ womb

For some reason I feel I do know you

I know you are watching over me as well


You weren’t in any pain

You weren’t dying of any sickness

You just died

You left this world

As an innocence

An innocence that God wanted in heaven

Maybe it’s all apart of his plan


You have great brothers

And a great sister

You have great cousins

And great parents

We all love you

I love you


I may not know what love is yet

But you do now that you are with God

And when the time comes that I do understand love

I’ll know in my heart

That you passed for a purpose

And that you did not die in vain

I’ll know that you left to a greater place

Though we would have made a heaven on earth for you


Though you are separated from this world

You are not separated from my heart

Or my mind

I think about you from time to time

Now more then ever

I think of how great a cousin you would have been

How great of a cousin you are

And always have been


Coming from my heart

And seeping from my soul

Are things that I can’t just say once

There are so many things I wish to tell you

But I think I love you is enough for now